In search of the next global modelling superstar…

From cover shoots for InStyle, Marie Claire and Glamour magazines, to TV commercials for ModelCo and Marks and Spencer, to the pinch-me-moment I had while cameras were clicking advertising shots on a jetty in South Africa as I modelled with one of the world’s iconic models – Twiggy – I have often wondered…how did I get here?


At 5’2” (157cm) tall and with a curvy figure I never expected nor dreamt I would ever be a model. Looking back modelling has been woven through my entertainment career, and from shoots where I was so nervous I thought I would throw up, to shoots where we achieved a cover shot and four page spread in an hour (when it was supposed to take four), it somehow all comes together.


I would never have been able to conquer my inhibitions, lack of skill and experience, and achieve these shots, had it not been for incredible crews of photographers, stylists, makeup artists, advertising executives, photo editors, magazine editors. All have played an incredible role in teaching me how to do my best.

                    Sun, sand and sea planes for InStyle magazine.

I guess the most important thing I know now, is that you can only be you. Flaunt what makes you different, as this is your star potential. I had an amazing conversation with Twiggy about this. After her first few test shots she was told by some photographers that she would make a great model, then told by an agent that she would never make it. She was not the typical model height, and had a new and interesting look that was edgy. It is these attributes that make her one of the most alluring models of not just one decade, but of five!

                  Shooting M&S’ winter campaign with Twiggy.

I am so excited to have the chance to work alongside global supermodel Elle Macpherson and Tyson Beckford in the ninth series of Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model on Sky Living in 2013. I will be perched in this prized seat alongside them on the judging panel. We are looking for the next global modelling superstar. 

      Pregnant and feeling blooming on the cover of Who magazine.

I have spent six year’s judging talent in Australia and the UK for Australia’s Got Talent and The X Factor. One of my favourite parts was the mentoring of contestants so I will be brushing up on my model moves and with my highest platform heels on, I will attempt to come face to face with (well maybe look up to) this season’s beautiful girls.


Going back in time, I remember buying the first magazine that Elle was on the cover of in Australia and I have been a fan of her’s ever since. As a young girl I looked up to her and dreamed what it would be like to be on the cover of a magazine, but with her incredible natural shape I was convinced that would never be me. With Elle continuing her reign as host and mentor for the fourth time, be warned, I will be on the set with her – and in awe – all over again.


Tyson Beckford, if you happen to be reading this blog, please know that:

  1. You have been named ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ twice by People Magazine….but your Aussie model girlfriend is amazing too! #Tick

  2. Your modelling worldwide is the bomb – what an incredible career. You have worked with one of my photographic heroes, Bruce Weber. #Tick

  3. My favourite starring roles of yours are Britney Spear’s ‘Toxic’ video and your role alongside Ben Stiller in Zoolander. #IconicMoments

Last season’s BINTM hopefuls… can’t wait to see the crop of gorgeous girls assembled for 2013…


Make sure you join the conversation on Twitter @BINTM, and by following @ellemacpherson and @TysonCBeckford, and like the show’s official Facebook page. 



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