Flower Power! 

My #tuneoftheweek has to be Kylie’s beautiful ballad ‘Flower’ which fans ‘unlocked’ by tweeting the code “#KylieFlower” as part of her K25 celebrations! It’s become a fan-favourite through Kylie’s live performances but she’s never released it on an album before.

It’s the first track from her Abbey Road Sessions album (out October 29) which features orchestral and acoustic reinterpretations of 16 of her hits including Can’t Get You Out of My Head, Come into My World and I Should Be So Lucky. Kylie told me recording at the famous Abbey Road Studios was a dream come true!

One of the things that excites me the most about this track is that Kylie directed the video. She told me: “I wanted the video for Flower to be gentle, emotional and hopeful. We filmed in beautiful Cornwall, UK with the best weather - it’s like it was meant to happen there and then.

“The song has been a fan favourite since I performed it on the X2008 tour and I’m so happy I can finally deliver the studio version they have been longing for.”

So here it is… Flower, unlocked today for your listening and viewing pleasure. #VivaK25

(Click here to watch flower in Australia and New Zealand.)

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