My Style File… Australia’s Got Talent Grand Final
Wednesday, July 17, 2012 

The look…
Well it started with the beautiful ‘Itala’ gown that was flown to me from Project D London HQ. When I got my hands on this full-length gown and saw how the ocean coloured sequins shone, I had to think long and hard about how to prime this look to perfection.

When I think sequins, I think disco, and there is no disco more famous than Studio 54 in NYC. I have poured over pictures of Bianca Jagger riding into the club on a white horse – how crazy must this place have been! These images are now embedded in people’s minds when they think disco.

I love how Bianca always brought glamour, but with a slick rock ‘n roll edge. Think: a small landslide of rocks on the digits (like Liz Taylor used to wear in the same club) topped off with lashings of eye shadow and eyeliner.

The jewels I wore were by Jan Logan. Rockerfella white gold and diamond earrings, Audrey green amethyst and diamond ring and a Lantana white gold and diamond ring, all complemented by the Wrap white gold and diamond ring. I know it’s a lot of bling, but it had to compete with the bling on the dress! My motto (sometimes): #MoreIsMore!

I teetered around in black velvet open-toed slingback pumps by Giuseppe Zanotti that have just a sprinkling of Swarovski crystals on the platform under the toes. #Yummy. I originally bought these shoes for an X Factor UK outfit a few years back and they’ve been clamouring for a comeback from my shoerobe ever since.

I am never scared of a pre-show hair trim or hair cut, so I asked Fotini to whisk out her scissors and trim my already short hair into more of a Bieber-esque do! I am loving a boyish-twist on glamour right now.

Here’s what my stylist Ben had to say about my Grand Final ensemble: “While there is still plenty of bling adorning Dannii’s ears and fingers, I wanted the amazing sequinned Project D London gown firmly at front and centre and speaking the loudest with the jewels sitting quietly against dress. I love the subtle green amethyst and diamond ring worn to pick up the slight hint of green in the sequin. There can never be too much sparkle for a Minogue! Believe it or not, we still took Coco’s advice, and took the last ring off before Dannii stepped on set!”

Styling: Ben Amery, Channel 7 (@Ben_Amery).

Okay girls, arm yourself with your makeup brushes, get your sparkle on and get ready to party….here are this week’s makeup tips from Fotini Hatzis.

The make-up…
Fo: “So from the Studio 54 dancefloor mood board (disco ball in tow) this is how I added a rock edge to the glamour of floor length sequins!

For foundation I used (wait for it) … Latonas. (Every now and then I like to surprise even myself with a change in my opening sentence)! My Giorgio Armani ‘Luminous Silk’ foundation has finally run out so now I’m onto the next beautiful base to achieve that famous Minogue glow.

Tip: If you want to get great mileage out of your makeup, the secret is all in the tools. The Armani Foundation went the distance, it travelled around Australia for AGT auditions, went to numerous photo shoots and only now, many applications later, it’s finally exhausted! The secret? I never use my hands to apply foundation as most of the product will get wasted between your fingers. I love my beauty blender sponge, as even the tiniest amount of foundation will cover the whole face, making the product go a long way.

I wanted Dannii’s look this week to be edgy, but still glamorous, capturing the sparkle of the dress. For her eyes I used ‘MeMeMe’ Ocean Eyes Quad to create a smokey eye and then used a hint of Green Grey to make those sequins pop. I applied Illamasqua ‘Liquid Metal’ from the Fundamental Palette to the bottom lashes to capture that Studio 54 edge. I finished the look using Eye of Horus black eyeliner to keep the eyes the focal point among all the bling that was happening.

I wanted Dannii’s face to have a nice soft luminous glow so I applied MAC ‘Porcelain Pink’ around the temples as a highlighter and gave the cheeks a beautiful dewy finish using the MAC Blossoming Crème Blush.

For force-to-be-reckoned-with flutter, Dannii’s lashes always get a double application of ModelCo Fibre Lash. Lips were glossed and plumped using Burberry lip gloss ‘No.09’.

For the hair…
Taking a glittering trip back to disco’s iconic days, I wanted the hair to have a ‘pop-art’ flair to it while still keeping it modern. Who says you are limited with short hair? It’s all about creativity (and a pre-show trim!) Going for a relaxed braided Mohawk, I plaited the sides of Dannii’s hair, which streamlined the overall look and added some rock angles!

Tip: I can’t harp on enough about the importance of investing in good brushes and tools (and sponges). Not only do you get a lifetime of wear out of them, but they also help you get the most out of the products you buy, ultimately saving you money!!“
As Fo was overheard saying: “Sometimes doll, I’m just full of surprises!”

Hair and make-up: Fotini Hatzis (@FotiniHatzis)

Check out this blog for more about Project D London ‘Itala’.

Next week is the AGT decider when we will find out who wins the $250,000 prize!!

So with a Bieber hairdo and infused with Bieber fever,

See you next week disco dollies,

Dannii xx

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