Tell Etihad ‘Why’ to win…

Etihad Airways is running a fantastic Facebook ‘Why’ competition giving you the chance to win one of five double tickets to any of their destinations. All you have to do to enter is go to their Facebook page and tell them either why you’ve already switched to Etihad Airways, or what aspects of travel are important to you. They have some cool facts on their website that might help your entries and I thought I’d share a few of my favourite things about flying Etihad to inspire you as well.

Destination Abu Dhabi
There are so many fun, exciting things to see and do in Abu Dhabi so I take the opportunity to make a stop-over whenever I can. Sand boarding on the dessert dunes there was one of the most thrilling (and terrifying) experiences for ‘motor heads’ the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is awesome, and there are some amazing sites to see like the Emirates Palace Hotel and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. If you haven’t been before, a two or three day stop-over there is a great way to familiarise yourself with this unique corner of the United Arab Emirates.

Super-comfy seats
When you’ve been racing around packing and preparing for a big trip there’s nothing quite like the moment when they shut the plane doors and you sink into your seat and you know that, for the next few hours at least, the only thing you can do is relax. Etihad seats are really comfy and spacious. The ones in economy are ergonomically designed with a cradle recline position and the ones in business and first class even have massage chairs built into them which I find really helps with circulation and jet lag.

Nice wide TV screens
When I’m not enjoying a deep, long-haul sleep, flights are my opportunity to catch up on all the films I have missed at the cinema. Etihad planes have fabulous widescreen seat back TVs in every cabin. Perfect for tired eyes because you don’t want to be squinting at a tiny screen when you’re enjoying a much-anticipated Rom-Com or Oscar winning blockbuster.

Six Senses Spa
The Etihad business lounges in Abu Dhabi and London have tranquil Six Senses day spas with a menu of 15-minute treatments just perfect when you’re seeking refuge before boarding a long flight. The big question is: back rub or foot massage before take off? #CanIDoBoth?

The pre-flight toast
An on-board glass of bubbly before take off is an absolute must! It’s my pre-departure ritual. Cheers! 

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