#TuneoftheWeek: Is this love?

Misty eye cover

Aiden Grimshaw’s new single ‘Is This Love’ is out this week and it’s so amazing. I love the vocals and the song - it’s super catchy! Aiden at his absolute best. 

Aiden was great to work with on The X Factor because he knew exactly what he wanted and the fact that he wasn’t necessarily someone you’d expect to find on a big shiny talent show intrigued me. I always felt he had just enough exposure on the show to whet fans’ appetites for a future album without compromising his unique vibe.

The video is like a short film and I can imagine the song as the title track of a movie soundtrack album. (Are there any movie producers reading this???) While an actor plays the ‘lead’ role in the video, watch carefully and you’ll see Aiden make a brief cameo at around the 1-minute 15-second mark. Blink and you’ll miss it!

I asked Aiden to sum up the last twelve months of his life - finding his feet and making his debut album album:

"The last couple of years have been amazing! I got the opportunity to move to London and get in the studio with writers and producers, finding my feet and building my confidence," he told me. "In November last year we started writing the album, and in February it was completely finished.

"I also got the chance to do the standard 19/20-year-old thing, have new experiences…and party a lot!

“The album is sort of about a break up, or rather what you think about at different times during this situation. The questions, the frustration, the anger, and the upset. The first single is a pretty angry tune!

"I got to work with some amazing people and I’m really happy with outcome. I’ve got so many people to be grateful to for their amazing support."

After being bowled over by Aiden’s first single, I am sure there’s going to be a whole army of new Aiden Grimshaw devotees! #TakeANumberAndGetInLineHesArrived

If you haven’t already, make sure you ‘Like’ Aiden’s official Facebook page and follow him on Twitter @Mr_Grimshaw for regular updates on what my former #TeamMinogue member is up to. 

Is This Love is available on iTunes now and Aiden’s album ‘Misty Eye’ will be out on August 13 and is available for pre-order on iTunes now. Aiden co-wrote all the songs and recorded it in a home studio. Cannot wait to hear it!!!

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