Co-hosting The Morning Show

Stepping into the co-hosting role with Larry on The Morning Show was so much fun. I normally catch the show at home and I can tell you working on the show is as much of a laugh as it looks when you’re watching the show.

Everything was going brilliantly until we got to the cooking segment. My friends will tell you I can cook (honestly), but it was a disaster. I’m really going to have to work on my “here’s one I made earlier” technique. And I’ll be insisting Larry doesn’t try to help me if I ever have to step behind the stove for another cooking task! :-)

Larry is now clued up on my new hobby, Pinterest, and we will see if he decides to start his own Pinterest board soon. Will he Pin pictures of cute animals too????

Larry and I know lots of daggy dance moves, so we put them to the test while S Club performed their hit song, ‘Reach’. We even created motorbike and driving-the-car type moves - or had I had too much caffeine at that point????

The Gold Logie moment was catching up with Ray Meagher and finding out how little we both know about Home & Away when we were put to TMS pop quiz test!!! #DoNotInviteUsToPubQuizNight!

Here are some highlights from the show…

Catching up with Australia’s Got Talent co-judge Brian McFadden

Taking the Home & Away pop quiz with Ray Meagher

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