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Hi Everyone!

Tabs here, guest blogging for Dannii.

Those who know me know that I’m never short of an opinion or two and, after nine years in the fashion and accessories industry I like to think of style as one of my specialist subjects so I’m really excited about joining the judging panel for Glamour magazine’s Best dressed Couples competition!

My love of fashion was what pushed me to take the great leap from advertising to accessory design in 2003, despite never having studied fashion or art.

Crazy? Maybe. But my passion for British fashion only grows more fevered as Dannii and I roll out each new Project D collection.

Dannii always talks about being blown away by the trademark edgy, forward-thinking, rock ‘n’ roll British style when she first moved to London, and while ‘Cool Britannia’ might have first hit the headlines in the 1990s I’m here to tell you it’s alive and kicking in the naughties.

We’re constantly taking inspiration from other UK fashion houses, labels and looks that we love for our Project D designs. And we’re looking forward to using everything we’ve learned since setting up our label two years ago when we join the judging panel for Glamour magazine’s Britain’s Best Dressed Couple competition.

I’ve already been channelling my inner ‘Tyra’  as I check out the competition entries on Glamour’s Facebook page: “Hundreds of stylish twosomes stand before me but only one duo can be……..Britain’s Best Dressed Couple!”

As an avid fan of Glamour, I know the readers are a super-stylish bunch and I’m really blown away by the genuine street style I’m seeing in people’s entries. As I suspected, there’s no shortage of stylish Brits pounding the nation’s pavements – many of whom have been collared by Glamour  style scouts, who scoured Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London, Manchester and Belfast this month for the nation’s most fabulous duos to add to the Facebook entries.

You can have your say on the entries by leaving a post on Glamour’s photo gallery, the finalists will be published in a forthcoming issue of Glamour and the winners of the incredible £20,000 prize to spend at will be announced in the September issue of Glamour (on sale August 9).

Dannii will be joining me on the judging panel along with Glamour editor Jo Elvin, founder Sarah Curran and Dannii’s X Factor buddy Dermot O’Leary.

Dannii and I have already agreed that we’re not looking for catwalk chic or magazine gloss, we’re looking for edgy, individual and authentic looks. Fingers crossed Britain’s fashionable duos bring it!

Stay tuned…

Tabs x

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